The Journey of Spiritual Growth

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Apart from being a mother and my personal development journey, the third most important thing to me is spirituality. My values and beliefs are deeply anchored in spirituality. To me, spiritual growth is an extension of personal development, it is about fulfilment on a deeper level. Spirituality is not about the material things, it’s a way to connect to your deepest self. I do not have a blind belief but a reassuring understanding that there is another world beyond the physical, that there is a purpose for my life, maybe something bigger than me. I always believe spirituality is within me. In this world of distractions and technology, it helps me keep on going, by knowing that there’s a time and place for me to shine. My spiritual beliefs also reminds me of the importance of staying and being true to myself.


Much like developing my skills, talents and confidence, developing my awareness of myself as a part of a much greater ensemble helps me in achieving my dreams and in connecting with people better. Being more aware spiritually allows you to trust other people more and brings you a different mindset. You think abundantly and are more open to receiving new opportunities. You actually let opportunities come to you instead of chasing them all over and losing yourself in the pursuit of something you may want but do not actually need. As I said earlier, not just my beliefs but also my values are very much connected to my spirituality. I love taking care of the people around me and helping them get the most out of life, it’s what I learned on my spiritual journey and what I tried to teach my children. I am also applying my spiritual awareness to help my business partners and employees, I thrive on family and take care of my own, trying to always reward hard work and to be kind.


I also believe that it doesn’t matter where you find the spirituality, we are different and so are our paths, it can be religion or not and it can even be different religions. The tool you use to connect to your truest and deepest self, that very best version of you is of little importance as long as you find something that works for you. My journey to spiritual growth is far from over and I am looking forward to every moment of it.


So bountiful thinkers, be yourselves, stay kind and keep on growing.

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