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Participating these four procedures aids people today SOAR to results. Any individual in a educating or studying role can and should utilize SOAR methods.

For example, cues can sign what data to pick. Graphic representations these types of as hierarchies and matrices can manage details in methods that make veiled associations clear. And, approaches these as self-screening can assistance control one’s being familiar with and mastery. This presentation describes and exemplifies the SOAR processes. Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the presentation, contributors will be equipped to: Structure a lesson to instruct other individuals primarily based on SOAR procedures.

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Use SOAR strategies to master new info. Presenter Qualifications: Dr. Kiewra formulated the SOAR System.

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He has revealed 4 analysis article content that document its superiority as opposed to one’s chosen approaches or other recognized methods. The SOAR process has confirmed powerful for understanding from oral, textual content, and computer presentations. Dr. ideas for powerpoint presentation topics Kiewra has authored two books pertaining to the SOAR system and has spoken on this subject dozens of times like talks in China and Germany. Title: DIFS-Do It For Success. Description: Success in any work or endeavor involves talent and will.

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Ability involves discovering techniques like the SOAR techniques lined in a further presentation. Will requires motivation. Commitment features four elements: Wish, Intention, Emphasis, and Sustainment, which jointly sort the acronym DIFS.

You can try to remember that DIFS can make the variance when you Do It For Results. This presentation describes and exemplifies the four DIFS elements. Learning Targets: At the conclusion of this presentation, individuals will be capable to: Point out the solutions needed to improve need, intention, emphasis, and sustainment. Utilize the DIFS motivation strategy to a qualified or particular purpose in one’s have lifetime. Presenter Qualifications: Dr.

Kiewra formulated the DIFS motivation method. He has written a chapter about DIFS in two of his publications-a person for college students and just one for educators. He teaches the DIFS technique to hundreds of school and graduate learners every year in his university lessons. Title: How to Write Correct. Description: How you write suggests a great deal about you. Regrettably, most correspondence and skilled producing is weak and casts a pallor of incompetence upon its writer.

Excellent writers, even though, are made, not born, and it is really never as well late to strengthen one’s writing. This presentation identifies and delivers repairs for frequent creating pitfalls that doom quite a few writers, pitfalls such as: inappropriate comma use, sentence fragments, very poor word choice, inactive voice, lack of issue-verb settlement, and several extra. Learning Aims: At the summary of this presentation, members will be capable to: Recognize and maintenance composing glitches. Create much more effectively and powerfully. Presenter Qualifications: Dr. Kiewra failed the English Composing Examination in faculty three situations. He only learned how to write although in graduate faculty when his advisor offered Dr.

Kiewra with comprehensive, corrective feedback about his creating. Given that then, Dr. Kiewra has posted a lot more than 100 content and textbooks, served as an editorial board member for a dozen expert journals, and served as editor for a key scientific journal.

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