Being a Mother

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When I am asked to define myself I always say first and foremost that I am a mother. I am a mother to 3 wonderful children and that is who I am as a person.


Now that comes with many rewards and also many insecurities. Being a mother means I want to do everything I can and more for my children. They are my motivation and the reason I am driven to succeed. I have loved my children ever since the first day each of them was born.  I love them so much all I wanted was to give them the world. And it is still the same today. The reason I get up and work every day is to give my children more opportunities, more chances, more freedom, more happiness.


My Asian background also made me an overachiever so I never wanted to say I couldn’t afford to give them something they wanted, as it would have hurt me to deny them.


That does not mean I gave them everything they asked for, I taught them good values and the importance of working hard to realise their dreams. They know money comes from hard work and does not just fall out of mommy’s pockets. I did help them along the way, paying for the best private schools and always making sure they were well cared for.


They will always be my babies but my children have grown up quite a bit and throughout this amazing motherhood journey so far I only have one regret. That I wasn’t home with them enough. Working hard to provide them with the best lifestyle and the best life often made me leave early and come back late. I was there for all the important events but I missed here and there a few little things that I wish I had been home to witness which is probably why you find so many mums choosing to become entrepreneurs and staying at home to work. I have not regretted that change. It is so much easier to work from home when you have kids.


Being a mother is the most rewarding and challenging thing I have accomplished in my life and it is still far from over. There’s no retirement and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


It is such a big part of my personality that I actually often catch myself mothering my employees. I want them to be happy and enjoy their life and grow and so I am always here to reward them for their hard work and encourage them when they’re down. Being a mother and working in personal development are very similar in my opinion. I am starting to ramble so I will leave it there for now. Have a great day bountiful thinkers and remember to appreciate your mothers.

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